Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Sophie Ill's TV Burp

It's not the proudest claim I'll ever make, but TV, particularly Sky Plus or whatever kind of recording device you can have, is a godsend with this amount of sofa convalescence in my life.

But none more so than this week. I may be slightly behind the times - this is the fault of Sky Plus too. Knowing it's sitting in my 'To-watch' box, means I don't feel the same urgency to get the viewing under my belt on time. Plus there's no essential office discussion urgency to partake in the next day.

But yes, I digress again. Katie Piper, My Beautiful Friends. What a massive inspiration. I'm sure you already know her story; beautiful, well brought, up model child in every sense, attacked by a stranger who threw acid in her face. Two years on and she's built her own successful charity, The Katie Piper Foundation, aiming to help other burns victims who are struggling with their appearance and disfigurements, but the funny thing is, this girl is gorgeous. It's not funny haha, but when you see the episode I did, where she meets Dublin house fire victim Emily, (wow, what a toughie, that many years of severe disfigurement to deal with, and she has), but the difference in their attitudes is astonishing. It is apparent, in contrast to Emily, why Katie is as gorgeous as she is. Attitude mostly, a lot of smiling, some very adept makeup application and beautiful hair, bones, genes, of course. but yes, mostly attitude.

This girl has been through a LOT, her story puts mine into perspective. She will live with her visible scaring forever, and in just a couple of years she's already come to terms with it and has a 'hey ho' outlook that we could all learn from.

I think I was supposed to watch this, because the very next day I was told I would in all likeliness need a mastectomy. And thinking of Katie made me feel a bit better about even that. She also managed to make poor Emily feel better by the end of the episode by, you guessed it, making her look a little better. Some clever cosmetic tattooing, makeup, a bit of a 'do, and Emily was out on the town, full of beans and even eyeing up the local boys. What a difference a new happier perspective makes hey?! Katie even says "Whether cosmetic or luxury, be it lip tattoos or anything else, the big difference things can make to somebody physically and in their mind should not be underestimated.' A LGFB crusader if ever I heard one.

If you're not familiar, go to her website, it can't fail to make you feel better, and there's some good tips on there too. Look at me, a day after the M-blow, and hey ho, I gots to do what I gots to do. Her outlook in a nutshell is this, and it applies universally.

"It's a bad situation yes, but it's all about what you can make out of a bad situation."

At least I'll be able to hide my scars under some fabulous clothes. Outnet birthday sale, here I come...

Just a touch on the other viewing pleasures.

That terrifying Phelps family on Louis Theroux, Americas Most Hated Family In Crisis. ...one such quote, "I rejoice when any man or woman dies from breast cancer because that is gods will. Thank god for breast cancer."

My thought: with all the shootings in America, why is this woman still spouting such poison on the sidewalk with no body armour? Brave, stupid, evil lady...

the gently and hilariously anti-WBC

Finally in happier news, original #TOWIE hater (that is twitter talk for The Only Way Is Essex of course), DadJokes, has now let it into his heart, and even calls me in quick so I don't miss a minute. Then pauses it for running commentary about the real reason for Lyd's true upset with Arg because Mark has planted a seed of doubt etc. Awww, another happy day chez Sophie...

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  1. Aw Sophie, so sorry to hear about the "M-blow". I've not been reading your blog for long but even in the small amount of time, I can tell already that you are brave and that you will get through this like the tough cookie you are. I really admire you for being so upbeat about things... you make me sit up and realise what life is all about. Every single time.

    I think anyone who ever crosses paths with you will be a better person for it. You're such a superstar. xx

  2. my beautiful girl. m-blow or no m-blow, you are THE most beautiful girl inside and out, the world has ever seen and I am privileged to call you the love of my life :-) All is gonna be a-ok. Just u wait and see x x x x x

  3. Big Kiss Sophie from the LGFB HQ - you are a star.

    Just love DadJokes ... even though I don't know him!

    Val xxx