Thursday, 14 April 2011

Claire Hair and Wig Tips

So while Claire, my wig angel, cut my brown one into a bob (I was feeling like a change, you don't have to think about it nearly as much when it is your not-quite hair), I asked her to do a guest post to share her vast head knowledge, and let you in on her wig secret - trust me it is worth being let in on.

But she produced some soppy drivel first, so here it is. The good stuff comes nearer the end...(I love you too Claire)

Oh and this is a TWO parter, in which I respond with my wig-wearer review tomorrow, plus a video! Fancy! Which is new for sophifeelsbetter. (Took a lot of editing and faffing around and swearing and googling, but was very good for extra smugness and self satisfaction, so fun!)

Sophie is one of my best friends. Our friend-love affair began when we met on a shoot. I was doing some serious hair brushing and she some serious beauty editing (we actually talked about boys, kittens and food mostly and teased the South American photographer about his ‘snake hips’). It was love at first gossip. 

It has now been about 4 years and I feel very lucky to be in the chosen circle. This means, going to the intimate birthday dinners, knowing more about Dadjokes than he is aware of, meeting the parents, spa dates, and hearing EVERYTHING first including, sadly, diagnosis day.  How can someone so beautiful, gifted, well behaved (most of the time) healthy-living and all over lovely, have cancer? I also felt a bit selfish about it. This is MY friend, why is it happening to MY friend, I like her as she is, I don’t want her to be ill as she’s MINE!

Funny though, I like her even more now. She has shown a strength that I never knew she had, but retained the compassion for other people and sense of humour that she always had. We even had a chortle in the chemo suite about Katie Price’s preposterous boobs. She has been refreshingly honest about everything and this blog has people not just calling her, but calling ME about how wonderful and inspiring my friend is.
Another privilege of being in the chosen circle is getting to see Sophie without her wig on. I like it. When it was first shaved she could totally get away with it – she has a really good shaped head, in my expert head opinion - in a Natalie Portman kind of way (Demi Moore, not so much). As it started to thin and she felt she looked more ill, I just saw Sophie. I never think of her as an ‘ill’ person, more of my friend who is feeling a little delicate so we are extra nice and drive her to more places. On another note, her pretty head is very soft and I sometimes sneak in a stroke. 

So from the bald and onto the wigs. Soph had an emergency one after the first head shave, which was lovely, but not quite what she wanted – she felt too ‘wiggy’. Because I use them on shoots all the time, I stepped in and began a nationwide chemo-appropriate wig-hunt. Finding them comfy and realistic enough for someone to wear every day is an altogether different business. 

I saw them all; expensive ones, cheap ones, synthetic ones, afro ones, party ones (these would be my personal choice) and eventually found my winner. ‘American Dream’ are, you’ll be pleased to know, very affordable. (They go up to £158, compared to the £3-400 you'd be paying for most.) They are real hair, seriously fantastic quality and Sophie said the most comfortable ever (though it turns out she was wearing the first one back to front, the spaz). It also has a small rubber skirting around the edge, which holds the wig in place without having to use, tape or glue, perfect.

Another thing with wigs is you shouldn’t expect to get one out the packet, sling it on and look fantastic. I suggest you book into a reputable salon and get it cut and styled to your liking. (Just go in wearing it and get them to cut it dry). I would always recommend a real hair wig, this way you can style away to your heart's content and if and when it needs it, just give it a jolly good wash. American Dream also have products available to keep the wigs it in tip-top condition.

I'll pop back on here from time to time with more wig chat and tips, but in the meantime, please keep reading, as this truly is a wonderful insight into the world of one of the most wonderful people and perfect friends anyone could possibly have.

I mean after all she is MY friend.


  1. Wow. Wow. Wow.
    I saw your story in Look Magazine (my favourite!) and was sooo moved!
    Even though you have Breast Cancer you stay happy and get through it, which was so inspiring.
    I think you starting a blog was a really great idea!
    I wish you the best for the future! :)


  2. Oh my goodness. I need a wig angel. I have so many wig issues (and therefore questions!). My Trendco one is driving me crazy.
    But those price are amazing. I'm seriously tempted to try again now!!
    Would be amazing to be able to wear hair for longer than 2 hrs.

  3. check back tomorrow for my post on the exact same thing! They can be so uncomfortable, and feel free to email me any questions too. x

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