Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The Better List

I mostly haven't written this post yet because I was using my addled mind to try and think of the opposite to 'bucket'. As in Bucket List. Since the list that I am forming is diametrically opposite to that kind.
Basically the English language doesn't work that way, so the simpler, catchier, and more appropriate 'Better List' is born.

My mum was laughing at me recently because yet another one of my excitable sentences started off with 'when I'm better...' She told me to add it to the list. So here it is, partly for posterity, mostly for necessity - because if I don't write it down I'll forget, and then there would be a lot of food I wouldn't be eating in a few months, which frankly would be a full blown tragedy. Yes, most of it is food based...

In order of priority:

Pizza Party for 1
Since maybe day 2 of my help-myself-with-healthy-eating diet plan, I have been deeply craving pizza. Above anything else. I think about it maybe every 12 seconds, which I think is the equivalent of boys and their bits, that's how serious it is. Of all the pizzas in the world I would go to Lombardi's in New York, but since I am somewhat grounded for now, I choose Pizza Express. Fiorentina, extra pepperoni, with CHEESE (mmm cheeeeese). Warm chocolate fudge cake with ice-cream. Then my body will go into shock and most likely make it reappear, but I shan't care because I'll be in pizza bliss and will have skipped the calories (KIDDING, I just smacked my own hand for saying such a thing, so you don't have to).

Get Tipsy
I'm like one of those cartoon characters who hallucinates everything like a steaming cooked chicken. Except I hallucinate wine. Ice cold, condensation on the glass, Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc. My lovely parents are taking me and DadJokes on a wine tasting weekend in France when I'm better. I'm sure again it may result in anything from partial paralysis to vomit, since I haven't touched a drop since November, and I am already a lightweight by nature, but I won't be spitting it out like you're supposed to, let me tell you.

Roast Pork Belly at The Easton
The greatest Gastro pub ever? It's in Clerkenwell if you're interested. I went there for organic roast chicken as a better-week treat. Very good, but the rest of the table had their famous pork belly, and the food envy was enough to require a mild sedative. I told you there was a lot of food on the list.

Spend a lot of money on amaazing new underwear
This will have to wait till I'm MUCH better, but it's good motivational incentive.

Country Living
For a weekend at least. Take my best friend and respective boyfriends, hire a car, borrow a dog, drive to the Cotswolds, hire a cottage (this bit comes first), go for walks, hang out and yes, eat anything. And drink wine!

Ottolenghi (it's in Islington - this is turning into a Zagat Guide) Chocolate Baileys cake with a latte. Oh and a Starbucks caramel latte, how I miss walking with the takeaway cups.

Throw a Party
I'm not a very comfortable party host, but what better reason to celebrate can there be? Certainly more worthy than 'I was born on this day, come and toast ME'. There will be a guest list of my favourite people and everything. If you would like an invite, start sending presents...

P.S. If you happen to buy LOOK this week, you will see the source of my Tuesday blushes: I thought the little mugshot in Test Factor was bad enough, but a 3 page feature on me and my little blog? (This is what I was having the painful photoshoot for too). Sort of proud and cringe all at once. Pringe.

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  1. Don't forget the holiday in mallorca...Fabri can make you PIZZA like a proper Italiano - he's so good at making it, we'll bring you the pepperoni fresh from Italy, I'll learn how to bake a chocolate fudge cake and hand make the ice-cream, all with a splash of white wine (I'll find the best one you've EVER tasted)...convinced? So I guess I'm on that party list... xx

  2. Well I for one love the LOOK feature. OK, maybe a little biased but you look gorgeous in it. Stop being so modest! Guess who? xx

  3. I've been reading this blog since you started it, having been a follower of ilovelipstick and whilst getting my weekly dose of Look, read your feature and you had be blubbing on the bus. I'm sure countless people have said it already but I think its a very brave thing to do, and you look fab, so certainly no need to be so camera shy!


  4. I l.o.v.e. love the feature in this weeks mag and you look amazing. Your outfit, hair and make up is perfect! Hope you're feeling well today x

  5. Hi Sophie, just read your feature in this week's Look (which I get on subscription - natch!) and had a look at this site. Wow. You're coping so well and very inspirational to anyone going through it, or even if they're not. Good work girlfriend! You look amazing too, loving the red hair. x

  6. Hey hey! Great post in look magazine, you look perfectly polished as always!

  7. Hey Sophie, I discovered your blog about a week ago but have been reading Look since it started! I always envied your stunning pic on the beauty pages and still envy you now with how amazing you sound in real life coping with real (and scary) things, you are a great person to look up to (and you're only 2 years older than me). Thanks for being so inspiring! God - how cheesy do I sound!?!

    P.S. your article was fab and you are lucky to have DadJokes! He sounds a bit like my Nik! :)

  8. Hiya Sophia,

    Loved the article in Look, and your blog is amazing. I'm jealous of the wigs, I've yet to find one that makes me look or feel "normal" yet, but I think with each failed purchase I'm getting better at it :-) Check out my blog when you get a chance
    p.s. It was nice to know I'm not the only one wearing a bobble hat :-)