Friday, 15 April 2011

From A Wig-Wearing Know-It-Almost-All

Initially I was a wig-aphobe. I didn't want to have to need one, I didn't want to go out in one, I didn't want to put one on even. This is because I was in mourning for my real hair and a wee bit sulky about my predicament, and also afraid of doing it all wrong. Turns out I was right, Claire had to sort me out in the toilet on my first outing, but nothing is easy the first time right?

First let me introduce you to my American Dreams Wig, it is called Lois (that is how you pick it out from the website, not because I have spent any amount of time giving it a human name, thank you). It costs £86.61. If you are in need of a wig, and are frightened of NHS offerings (I'm sorry to say, you should be), this is pretty phenomenal, considering it's 100% human hair. But not just that, its seriously the best hair ever. If you look on the website now you will think it's the drugs talking, but that's the one and only down point about AD - its such an amazing product, but I bet a lot of people miss out from fear of an instant Chav-over. I mean honestly - this is my one:

Since Claire is officially in charge of my head, she has dealt with all three of my wigs. The first one was good, a bit helmet head-y for me (this apparently is because it is sewn in a spiral around the crown, rather than along a parting, which looks more natural), but good quality. Although I had stuck plasters all along the inside to try and stop it rubbing. And it made me a little bit sad every time I went to the toilet at work because when I had to glimpse in the mirror, I basically saw a wig with eyes. And DadJokes just couldn't stop adjusting it or telling me to adjust it. On the bus this is not ideal.

The extent of my love and gratitude to my Lois wig is thus: I didn't wash it for, erm, I'm really ashamed to tell you this, 3 months. I was afraid I couldn't make it look the same, and there was always an occasion where I needed it so the wash had to wait till tomorrow. Horrendously gross I know, but that is what dry shampoo is for. (When I washed it the water ran grey for about ten minutes. I don't recommend taking this approach).

So now that it is getting a little hotter, and I am also in love with my ginger wig (from Trendco btw, but even with elastic cut out, too tight so I get a headache when I wear it all day. Beauty is pain according to Frenchie, so Ibuprofen is my friend), I asked Claire to cut Lois for me, but not before I asked her to get me the exact same one in a lighter colour. Shamefully I'm like that with handbags too: if you love it, stock up in all the colours before it sells out. Again, not a recommended approach.

So, some tips from an every day wig wearer:

Colour: Initially go as natural as possible so you don't get freaked out by the transition. In fact, make sure you get one way before your hair starts to go so you have 'emergency' hair waiting for you in the spare room.
When your lashes and brows start to fade, it makes you look paler and, weirdly, like a blonder version of yourself, so then you need to go a little lighter (if you have a real hair wig, you can get it dyed, if its synthetic you can get another one for hardly any money!)
If you're like Claire you should go pink, since she says, take full advantage of the situation and have the hair colour you always wanted. Granted most people are not like Claire...

Cut: Get someone to cut it for you if you can be bothered. I quite liked my Lois out of the packet, but thats because I had no hair, so suddenly a swingy, shiny, LA blowdry looked AMAZING. It did not particularly, in fact Claire was stupefied, so she cut it and then it really did. This is the best way to get your wig disguised as a non-wig.
Also, keep cutting it for fun, a change is exciting like new shoes.

Style: Human hair you can do anything to: dry shampoo, tongs, salt spray (these are my three wig essentials), bit of clay in the ends, texturiser, hairspray, irons...Just be happy in the knowledge you can style your hair really easily because you can see the back (result!), plus you can take it off at night, so you never have a BHD, and it will truly last till you wash it. Just do it more frequently than me please.

Fit: They're all adjustable, so although you don't need to worry too much, learn from my Trendco issue and go and try a few on. AD ones have a weird suction feeling when you take them off, so they really do stay in place all by themselves - so headache free.

If I've left anything out, please do email me questions. And tell me how you admire my iMovie skills too, since I am a novice who rolls around the floor in heaped praise of any kind. Thank you x

You can watch Claire working her wig magic on me, plus cameos from two very special guest stars here, if you fancy. 


  1. Ha! Love it! Like I said in my tweet yesterday. I've now started thinking about having a wig! Bald head in T - 3 weeks!!! Think I better get myself booked in for a look good feel better day too! Here's my effort of a blog journey so far... much love Erin. Xx

  2. Brilliant video! Gorgeous hair & the guest stars are pretty fab too! Lotsa love, Chez. xx

  3. Oh Claire, please come with Sophie to mallorca to eat pizza too! We're very lucky to have a friend like Sophie but she's also very lucky to have a friend like you xxx

  4. hello Sophie, just found your blog (I read about it on Look!) and I think you're amazing! I live in London and I'm a beauty writer too - I write for an Italian web magazine - and I totally love what I do, like you do. You're really inspiring - I hope that everything will get better and better. Lots of love, Maddalena

  5. Wow, Claire is GOOD! I like it Sophie - and the vid, I see you're getting over your 'TV camera' (Ok, Flip cam...) phobia as well x

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