Saturday, 19 February 2011

Working the LOOK London Fashion Week Show

One of the first questions I asked on D (for diagnosis) - Day was 'what do I do about work?!' - I was something of a workaholic. Actually, I still am, although I really thought that would change - it hasn't. See?  I'm still normal!

Although I can't quite manage the hours I did before, being a part-timer is not all bad, the night before my first day back after chemo week, I can barely sleep for excitable outfit planning. If you could see the sheer volume of clothes that hang redundant in favour of pyjamas, you would feel nearly as sad as they do. So imagine the mind whirring that went on the eve of our third LFW fashion show yesterday. Not only was I getting dressed, I was appearing in chosen outfit on film, talking through the makeup looks for the catwalk. Videos are now live, here and here!

Look Good...Feel Better were there again - they've worked with us every season since our first show -but this time it was quite weird for me to meet up with them as a supportee, rather than just a supporter   (the beauty industry has always been heavily involved with LGFB and vice versa). I can't help thinking of a programme I saw once - and this is the weirdest analogy I'll ever commit to digital text - where a man became a woman, and then got a boyfriend, and had unique insight into how he worked mentally and, erm, physically. Make sense? Too much? Basically I'm like a teacher and student rolled into one is what I think I'm trying to say...

Valerie Rushton from Look Good..Feel Better

And the best thing was, working that hard all day - it is full on backstage at a fashion show let me tell you - had me completely forgetting I'm supposed to be ill. Seeing a lot of the same people I work with every season who didn't have a clue anything had changed also added to the effect. I remembered that evening though when I felt like someone had administered a general anaesthetic at only 19.30.

The worst thing was viewing all the amazing catwalk outfits I really want to add to my neglected wardrobe. Pointless that may be, but workaholism is not my only addiction. Time to defrost the credit card...

 me and lovely LOOK Beauty Writer Katie Selby
Petra Nemcova in New Look dress during the run through

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  1. I read the look magazine every single week without fail. I didn't know you suffered from cancer, glad your doing well, and looking beautiful as ever.

    Wish I could have attended the LOOK show...x