Friday, 25 February 2011

Feel Better...Look Better!

This has been something of a mantra of mine since a wise woman told me a very simple philosophy in life. Some background: I was having some CBT for panic attacks on our 3rd or 4th session my sweet, very slight doctor asked me how I was, 'no change', asked me what I was doing, 'not much' asked me what I had planned, 'erm, nothing really', then flipped and shouted at me a bit.

She took in my attire (grey ugg boots, black jeans, grey top), severely under styled hair, minimal makeup, and said 'well, what do you expect? You're wearing slippers to work for gods sake. Put some bright clothes and lipstick on and start saying yes to some things.'

Simple idea, yes, massive difference, absolutely.

Now if I have to go out on a Friday night and can't be bothered, red lipstick (always Rouge Dior in Red Premier) makes me bother. Or new shoes. Or anything new -funny how that happens, hey?

These days things aren't quite so simple, but there are some definite pick me ups that definitely make me feel better, which makes me feel I look better, and then we're right back where we want to be!

Dior Lippy aside, here's some others:

I'm actively looking forward to work next week so I can pick a previously boring outfit that will never look boring with red hair

The happiest shopping experience from my bed/sofa. Retail therapy should be on the NHS. If it looks bad when you get it, who cares- the anticipation of something new (I've even started imaginary holiday shopping) is enough to pep me up till the mail man comes, and the 'new in' button never fails to delight

YUM, I can cook these, they're healthy, and they taste DELICIOUS. Which shouldn't ever go together in my lover-of-food world, but tis true. Recipe link imminent...

Oh how I miss my wardrobe. It was bordering on dangerously overflowing but I loved everything in it. Work was a daily excuse to wear something fabulous (the pros of working in a magazine office), and now I fit just six opportunistic days of serious outfit planning (to make up for the lost ones) into three whole weeks worth. Can't tell you how fun it is to pick those babies out though, even short of breath, bit on the woozy side, girl at work with swine flu, NOTHING will come between me and my first work pick of the part time week. Well, except maybe the swine flu girl.

In which case...

When I was diagnosed I got the mother of all PJ' gifts sent to me from my lovely work girls.
i) Full on cashmere tracksuit from M&S. Heavenly bliss that makes me want to scrap that 'get dressed' point altogether.
ii) Gorgeous Cath Kidston flannel set that is too beautiful to sleep in but perfect for impressing visitors/postmen/district nurses. It's the PJ equivalent of matching undies, in a mood way, not a rude way.

A TREAT. I know we've covered ASOS and banana pancakes (don't forget maple syrup), but if you really need a pep, treat yourself to something with a bit of meaning. I had my eye on a gorgeous YSL ring on net a porter. I knew it was silly with my current situation (mainly cost:wearability ratio) but eventually I succumbed, and now it is my special diagnosis ring that makes me feel good whenever I wear it. I should obviously have a half way through chemo ring (oh! Just reached that milestone), a changing medication ring (well, yes that's the next session), a final op ring, a radiotherapy ring, a beat the bastard ring and so on. But maybe I shouldn't get them all myself... Are you listening DadJokes?

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  1. This is so true. Sophie, I think you should write a Look Good Feel Better book, no?

  2. Blimey! I get the message !! Keep your hair on love!!! oh...