Saturday, 12 March 2011

Just Some Happy Thoughts

Just been thinking, I keep remembering some of the positives I missed off the list from the positive thinking (ish) post. So here they are. How could I forget these?..

1. Never having to shave or wax anything
 How could I gloss over this gift from the chemo gods? I truly realise the joy since developing a love of ankle grazing trousers, as part of my wardrobe overhaul. Even though I get up 2 hours before I have to leave for work, I'm always rushing for my taxi 5 minutes before it gets here. It's nice to know I can grab anything in my wardrobe and wear it without the extra, and often painful, bathroom time. Ankles showing? NO problem. Vest top? - yes I can hold onto the overhead bar on the tube, no problem! Emergency bikini situation? Er, I haven't come across one of those yet, but I'm safe in the knowledge it'll be NO problem...

2. Well there were a number of positives in that no. 1 positive I just picked up on, so:
- Wardrobe overhaul - fun!
- Getting up 2 hours early. This sounds like a negative, but its because I'm waking up fresher, without the need of an alarm - no hangovers, no instant lethargy from steak digestion etc.
- Taxi. I'm a sucker for a lazy journey to work. Compromised immune system means public transport is out for a week, and I don't have to feel frivolous for abusing my Addy Lee app. Like I say - medical necessity.

3. Two of my very good friends have given up smoking since and because of my D-Day. And found it pretty easy too. Yey!

4. Katie Selby is leading a load of my friends, her friends and girls from the office in the Race For Life this summer. I (no longer) secretly think they're mental, but I'm VERY proud of all of them. I'm happy also I have an excellent excuse not to take part.

5. I have a new found extreme excitement for lots of little things.
The strangest being when I start to feel better after chemo week. I get so excited by not feeling rubbish, its almost worth feeling rubbish for. Almost. Shopping - so exciting! Cooking - exciting! Fresh Air - mm, exciting! Sunshine - tra la LA exciting.

6. Not having to do everything
Its a bit of a bonus getting out of the washing up on a regular basis let me tell you.

7. Realising what's important in life. Its kind of sad that it takes something like cancer to put my own head into perspective - I'm not sure if its the same for everyone - but from realising how fantastic some of my friends are, to seeing my family much more, to knowing that not being able to find my keys does not require a full-blown sit-down protest.

Any more peppy ideas, please comment below xx


  1. Brand new reader here and loving the positivity that is radiating out of this post!

    Looking forward to reading more!

    Rapunzel x
    *Tales from the Tower*

  2. Hannah sent me the link to your blog and I am really enjoying reading your positive and amusing posts. Bringing back memories of my own experiences five years ago and wishing I had written a blog then as so much gets forgotten as time passes. So pleased that your treatment is going well and that you feel good enough to keep working. Best wishes, Vicki

  3. It's a strange sort of club you join when you get cancer, but it does put life into perspective, and that feeling never goes away, which I think is a great thing! Even 17 years on I appreciate my life, my family & my friends much more than before. I wish there had been blogs like yours when I was diagnosed. Hope things go from strength to strength (as they say).
    Louise x

  4. Hope all went well at the hospital today, ur posts are really positive which, i'm finding, is the only way to be with the Big C - u'v taken the some of the dread away from my forthcoming chemo, THANK U. Good luck to you & u'v inspired me to write my own blog!!
    Keep smiling honey! Love Chez. xxx