Tuesday, 22 March 2011

En Vague

On a recent excursion accompanying DadJokes to the hairdresser (oh the irony), I made iPhone note of my findings in the March issue of Vogue. I always pay close attention to the adverts. Contrary to most peoples attitude to ads, I often find them - in print form at least- the best bits.

Interesting to note a strong leaning towards, guess what, the absence of eyebrows, plus Gisele in a wig. This is by no means new news,

But just saying...

No brows, significant spam PLUS headscarf at Sportmax, obviously took inspiration from yours truly.

Beautiful bleaching at Givenchy. Slightly overdone in male accessory

Dark hair plus no brows at Loewe. As my mum said when she saw me at recent chemo with same look 'Oooh, sort of Swedish'

Blanked out brows for Calvin Klein SS11, manicure by Katie Selby

Balenciaga obviously couldn't persuade Gisele to commit fully to the 'Freya' cut...

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