Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The trials and errors of a pixie crop

OK, I admit it. being a girl with very very short hair is HARD. Yes I've been posting and postulating about how to make it look nice and what a difference a dye makes, but I'm going to come out and admit defeat; I'm rubbish with it in so many ways. All of which I'll try to resolve, in the true manner of this blog, but by 'eck this ones a toughie.

1.  (I do love a list) My Wedding Day
This won't be number 1 priority for a lot of you, but since I am typical girl, and my every other waking thought is weddings (I work it around permanent hypochondria), it's top of mine. I want long girlish wavy, centre parted flowy hair with my big white dress. I just can't picture any other option. I have one year and counting, a year I plan to spend eking out as many inches as humanly possible. From relentless questioning of all my hair stylist friends, I reckon I can expect about a mid-ear length bob - just enough for some realistic extensions for the big day, if only I can battle through extreme urge to get it cut. It's a battle of epic proportions. Torn between extreme pride in how much its coming along and horror at the puffy sided monstrosity masquerading as a hairdo that just gets worse with every day of further growth.

Um, I failed. There were only so many times I could hear Dadjokes' gentle encouragement to sort my hair out before I cracked and went for a cut. My plan is this; keep the top untouched, then as it grows it will disguise the terrible sides and back stages. Problem is hairdressers do not seem to adhere to my plan, and yesterday I came back from a cut a bit heartbroken at the amount chopped off. To the untrained eye it probably wasn't that much. To my hyper alert state, where every millimetre of precious growth is practically obsessed over, I was gutted to see about a months worth of length sitting in my lap. I'm not sure anyone can understand how much you treasure your stupid, fluffy, long back and sides unless they've grown it from absolutely nothing. It didn't help when Dadjokes said 'oh, that much off? maybe it wasn't so bad before'.

2. Do I stay or do I Grow?
On the other hand I have never had so many compliments in my life. I'm not sure if they're pity ones from the people I know, but even strangers are telling me they love my hair. Work took me backstage at X Factor a couple of weeks ago and Jonny stopped me in the corridor with 'oooh, love the pixie crop'. Highly esteemed praise indeed. I arrived for a meeting last week at a PR agency, and the receptionist pointed me in the direction for a casting. I am 32 years old, I don't get mistaken for a model in ordinary life. All of this is making me wonder if I should stick with the crop. This would solve the (currently impossible) growing out issue, but scupper my romantically wispy wedding plans. Plus I'd need three weekly cuts, and I just can't maintain that level of upkeep. Its just not me. Then there's all the other stuff to deal with. Like...

3. Lady Leanings
I live near Stoke Newington, Lesbian capital of London. When I walk down the high street I am astoundingly blatantly checked out from all directions. It is flattering to say the least, but I can see girls looking at Dadjokes holding my hand, thinking 'poor boy, he doesn't even know.' Why am I suddenly more attractive to my own sex? Does this mean I look like a boy? look like a lesbian (what does a lesbian look like anyway?), or am just generally looking better? It can only be the hair. Either way it's not great for absolving any self-consciousness. It also means I steer clear of flat shoes and rainbow coloured knitwear.

4. Hair Envy
All of my friends and family are now viewed by measure of hair loveliness. I appreciate a gentle sheen, flowing ends and simple ability to tuck behind ears or put up in a pony. And I calculate how many years it took them to cultivate their manes. And then I go a bit green and ever so slightly snarly at how versatile and flowing their lovely locks are. Even when they take 45 minutes more than me to get ready in the morning. Even when they burn their fingers on their curling tongs. Oh how I remember how annoying that used to be. Still, it only takes me three minutes to wash and dry my hair all in. Hah.

5. Three Day Hair
Very short hair that has suddenly decided to go very curly is very difficult to style. On wash day it is resolutely puffy, no matter what exotic combination of styling aids I put on it. And I have tried nearly everything. Also Kirby grips do not grip. There is no helping first day hair for me. Second day is mildly better. This could be due to said exotic combination of products settling in to do their job properly. Its still somewhat unruly though. Day three and finally my hair looks OK. It sort of stays where I want it to, and the texture is more separated and cool. And also unclean. But I'm reluctant to wash it and start the bhd cycle all over again. Social occasions are planned around my third day hair, I just hope for minimal hugging - it leads to hair sniffing...

Since I was so recently and aggressively trimmed I'm starting again with the grow out. This time my plan is more combative, including wet look gel and a relaxing treatment. That way it might grow downwards instead of outwards. Wish me luck, there are wedding photos at stake...

the last time I grew out...


  1. You look great with the short hair, you have a pretty face so you can pull it off, will look so good with androgynous styling. Short hair really suits you...x

  2. hi Sophie - I did a post on this very dilemma just this week.

    Your hair does look great and it suits you. But I understand the desire for longer hair. I have it to and can completely relate to the growing out frustration it is so so hard.

    There is just no getting around that in between stage. But bear in mind it will only seem like an eternity for you but it will actually only be just a couple of months in reality.....

  3. Hi Sophie,
    I also had loooong hair before chemo took it in 2009. And I totally get your frustration. My experience was exactly the same way. In the beginning it just seemed to get curlier & curlier the longer it got. I'm now a month shy of 2 years post chemo. I've blogged pics of my regrowth journey along the way in the hopes that it helps others who were as devastated as I was about losing my hair. It was the worst part for me...And you know you look fab with the pixie...but I get that it's not what you like.

    Have you heard this one yet? "Oh if MY hair would look as good as it looks on you, I'd cut mine short like that too!" Yeah. Right.

    Love your blog! =)

  4. omg, I'm in the exact same short haired boat as you! (minus the lesbian's glances and a wedding). I hate to sound like the rest of the universe, but you do look great with short hair.
    I get LOOK mag every week, and seen you in it a couple weeks ago. I had to show it to my hubby "isn't my hair that long? mine kind of looks like that doesn't it?". It appeared someone was using a flat iron on yours, so I went out and purchased a baby bliss (so cute) and gave it an unsuccesful try. I'm sure by next year, you'll be able to get extensions for the wedding. I hope you'll post about the relaxing treatment, I've been wanting to do that, but didn't want all the harsh chemicals on this brand new hair.

  5. Hi Sophie, only the other day my friend commented on how fantastic you look with the pixie crop and I have to agree. But as someone going through treatment and loving my wigs (my new one is very a Jennifer Aniston flicky barnet) I'm frankly dreading the growing out stage. I once had short hair and regretted it immediately! And I was on the lesbian radar too. But it's all part of the journey and I'll have to get on with it like you are but with a weak jawline to boot [sigh!]

  6. I was about to tweet you to say how much I liked your hair again - its really settled into a sweet style and then read this post! I was fascinated when I moved to the UK how same same all the girls hair was - long and straight. I really appreciate the point of difference and think this is why people are looking at you sideways (I'm straight and I would!). But a bride should have every opportunity to feel fabulous...after all you can cut it into a pixie crop the day before if it doesn't look right...seems you have the best of both looks!