Wednesday, 15 June 2011

What is the opposite of glamorous?

...Because there are a couple of things I need to address today that fall into that category.

In a word or two: Armpits and fingernails. These two things have been bugging me for sometime, and definitely fall under my beauty remit, but till now I've been struggling.

For one thing, although it is June according to my calender, but November according to Zeus (god of sky etc), it's still sporadically hot - not least for myself and fellow hot-flush sufferers. Mild to moderate sweating is the consequence, anti-perspirant is the answer. Unless that is, you've developed a paranoid health kick when it comes to all things chemical, especially around the boob area, so my armpits have been Sure free for some time now.
On the other hand I am as far removed from hippy mentality as is humanly possible, I'm also a bit obsessed with odour and there is little more I hate than sweating. You could say I am anti-perspirance. I swear I read a press release when all the aluminium = breast cancer hoo ha came about a few years ago, saying this one mega brand had aluminium free options, but I've googled the depths of the Internet and can't find it now. Any PR's feel free to enlighten me.

The smell part is fine - I do wash regularly, thanks. Also there are plenty of natural, chemical free deodorants, so I've got pleasantly perfumed pits covered. (May I say those crystal rock sticks don't cut the summer sweat mustard).
It's the anti-perspirant part I'm struggling with. A lot of googling and PR schmoozing later and a box of Perspi-guard landed on my desk, including an alcohol and aluminium free anti-perspirant treatment! Hallelujah, praise the tight-tshirt, I can confidently hold the overhead bar on the tube once again. I'm also using a mineral rock spritz that you refill with water when it runs out, and yes, they do do a crystal stick, but I'll gloss over that one.

In other news I had a Fly moment last week. Not in the cool sense of the word, no I'm talking about the film classic. Every clinic appointment the oncologist asked me how my nails were doing, the nurses congratulated me on keeping my nails, I even wrote a post about some little white lines and ridges and things. Oh how little I knew then. Weeks after the end of chemo and my nails have embarked on an Amy Winehouse pre-rehab binge. They've done enough hard drugs to tell a few stories, with the little ones getting off lightly, but the big dogs - that's forefinger and thumb btw - basically one fizzy drink ringpull away from death. They've been sore for a while, they've metamorphosed into something resembling a bad acrylic job loooong overdue for an infill, and then I tried to open a tin and my thumb nail cracked right at the bottom. I remained calm, was a little bit sick in my mouth, got DadJokes to squeeze my hand to ease the situation, then put on a plaster and tried not to think about it.

Since then I've discovered that there is such a thing as brush on glue - which works wonders to heal superficially until the dead bit grows out - and as much as I love pastels and pinks at this time of year, dark polish is more camouflaging than light. It's the law of LBD. Dark things, like little black dresses, don't contrast with the shadows, so bulgy bits - be they love handles or drug-induced nail lifting - are disguised. Clever huh? You wouldn't know unless you knew...

Unfortunately I am now mortally afraid of opening anything, which is not so helpful around the house, and I'm distinctly more A/W than S/S but that's only relevant in fashion world, so I'm pretty sure it really doesn't matter. Any more little surprises around the side-effects corner? I do love a challenge...

p.s. I Googled my original question, surprised at my uninspired need for Google in fact. Answer: unglamorous. Oh...

Elegant Touch Glue, and Maybelline Forever
Strong Pro in Midnight Red


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  2. Hi Sophie, I have not been down the chemo route but I am experiencing the night sweats due to drug use. I start 5 weeks of radiotherapy next week and so I too will stay away from anything that keeps me smelling nice for several months. I did avoid deodorants for several weeks after surgery and felt like a minger to be honest, not pleasant.

    This BC is very challenging mentally and emotionally, you have a great attitude to it all. xx

  3. Hmmm, I know what you mean about deodorant... to be honest, I went back to my normal deodorant after treatment. I use a fragrance-free one because like you it's the 'perspirant' factor I want to inhibit. The interesting thing was that after radiation, I did not sweat from under my left arm. No hair grows there either, except for one little tuft. I agree with Polly Dolly - no deo is not pleasant.

    How are the nails? I also got the ridges but my strangely fingernails were the longest & strongest they had ever been (maybe that says something about their regular appearance). I had one toenail fall out after I bumped my toe toe, but that was it.

    Night sweats - ugh! I get them on and off. I find I get them more if I am slightly run down.

    Keep up the wonderful blogging and tweeting. It's nice to know there are others out there with such an upbeat & practical attitude to this. Kia kaha!

  4. eeeeeps!! i hope your split nail keeps it together until you can grow it out.

    i have crap nails. they are super thin and weak like baby nails. i get a gel manicure done at an all natural nail place. it is like a honey consistency that is cured with uv light. it comes in tons of colors and you can paint polish over it. it makes them stronger so i can grow them out without splitting or peeling or even scratching myself up from my baby thin nails like a newborn. i also use objects to open things. like i use a tongue depressor to open my sphynx cats wet food.

    so maybe you should try a gel manicure to strengthen then and even out the ridging and banding. maybe have them put some spf on your hand skin to protect it from the low uv from the light?