Friday, 9 September 2011

Beauty Editors Day

We beauty editors do this thing every year where we go to Selfridges for a day, sit in a personalised directors chair in the beauty hall, and meet readers who want to test our beauty expertise/get giggly and nervous in the presence of such magazine celebrity/get free stuff in their goody bags. Or annoyingly tenacious PR's who take up a whole slot to try and pimp out their products. Not a great move when you consider this is a charity event, with all proceeds going to the wondrous Look Good..Feel Better, and there are people who genuinely get excited about twenty minutes of our time (how lovely is that?!) but can't book for said PR's being weirdly pushy. And they're always rubbish products because good PR's know that is not great conduct, and getting an editors back up does not good business sense make...

Last year I had 20 mins with a lovely young woman who had come across the editors day event while reading a waiting room mag, in hospital receiving treatment for cervical cancer. I was completely floored, in awe (I get like this about women who have had babies too - massive respect for that feat of terrifying endurance), touched and shocked. She was so young! And seemed so normal!

Not too long after it was my turn, - I most likely had it already as it happens - so I know that she was in fact young and normal, and went through a crappy time but had a nice 20 minutes of beauty pampering and gossip to fill her diary a little

This year I feel completely differently about the whole thing, since I can seriously and properly relate to all the women who come to see me, even the sick or recovering ones (its for anyone by the way, we get lots of lovely LOOK fans too). And if I can't exactly relate (we get some perfectly healthy 73 year olds on occasion), I'm ecstatic to be doing it for a charity that means so much more to me personally this time around.

So, if you fancy a ticket, or know someone who might, here are the details:

Where: Shiseido counter at Selfridges Beauty Hall, Oxford Street, London
When: Thursday 29th September
Time: 12-19.00
How to book: Call Selfridges on 0800 138 8140
Cost: Tickets are £20, with all proceeds going to LGFB - and for that you get a goody bag worth much more, a little makeover if you want one, plus a glorious chat with moi - that is serious value for money people...

And also, because they're so lovely and realise not everyone lives in London, Shiseido have given me a few skincare starter kits and fragrances to giveaway. I need some kind of a competition...hmmm. Best competition suggestions win an amazing Shiseido skincare starter kit? How about a simple RT? First five win...  but @i_love_lipstick me in, so I know you've done it!


  1. Look Good Feel Better is such a great cause, well worth donating to!

  2. That day in Selfridges sounds amazing! I live in Glasgow so unfortunately is too far afield for me. However, I'm going to London next weekend with the Willow Foundation to see a few shows which I'm really excited about. I also just started following LGFB on Twitter (just found it on your twitter!). I went to a class back in January and use my make up from there all the time. I've re-tweeted this - does that mean I've entered the competition? I'm clearly easily confused.. Sorry!

  3. OMG I'd LOVE to go to this event but sadly I'm not well enough to go. I'd have been so starstruck! I have a rare condition called Ehlers Danlos Type 3 and another rare condition called POTS as a by product of it that really affects my heart. I have to give myself injections in my stomach 3x a day and have to take over 70 tablets a day. So I'm officially a rattling pin cushion! Since feb I have been off college because my heart has been so bad and I've been in and out of hospital. This has been so hard for me but your blog has really helped me stay positive and given me some hope. I think you are a beautiful writer and a beautiful person. I've told my whole family about you and your cancer and my grandma always asks me how the 'pretty beauty writer' is when I see her! You have encouraged me to start writing again and I've started my own fashion,make-up/everything vintage blog. If you would like to check it out its: I don't mean to make this sound like an advert for my blog! Anyway, I've been reading your blog since you started and its great how far you have come and congratulations on becoming Mrs DadJokes! I'm sure you and your beautiful cats will be very happy! Even though I don't have cancer, I can still really relate to your blog and your make-up tips to look a bit more normal have really helped. When I have more energy I'm thinking of doing a blog about my condition.I had a brain aneurysm (v.common with my condition) scare in June which thankfully was a false alarm but in the time I didn't know, your blog really helped me with all the positiveness about losing hair and all the tips you gave. I think you look gorgeous with your new hair by the way! When I feel better I am buying myself some I feel better shoes and like you I live for lipsticks so I'm buying myself a Dior Rouge Red Premier Lipstick-on your recommendation right!? I was studying a Fashion and Textiles course to hopefully study fashion design at one of the London uni's but sadly I am unable to return to college or go to university so I'm trying to think of other things I can do in my life. Your blog like I said has really encouraged me to get back to writing again so I hope one day I may be a fashion writer and be as good as you! Sorry for the ramble but I just wanted to say thank you so much for this blog you have really helped me and I'm sure you've helped lots of others. My condition is for life and it can never be cured but you have helped make it seem more bearable. An amazing blog from an amazing woman.
    Lots of love and keep smiling.
    Second Hand Rose

  4. hi sophie,
    what a great event for people with cancer, everyone wants to look the best they can and i feel that this event is great for women. If i was not ill i would love to help out with this event. I suffer from a rare muscle disease which has no cure, and i just get worse, it is hard would be great if there was something like this for me, as i feel this kind of initiative will give you some relaxation too, and to forget your condition even if it is for a day
    i have reteweted the message above on twitter, would love to try the shiseido products as i have not used them, not get to try much products as i am housebound
    i hope and pray everyone gets better
    not got much of a suggestion how about giving a uplifting message page, brain dead lol cannot think as i am on morphine
    please include me in this fab giveaway, follow you via google friends name is yasminec9
    thank you