Saturday, 2 July 2011

See Below

Katie gave me this book  few months back, very optimistically sweet of her, but I've been holding my breath till I could feasibly illustrate with and dedicate a post to the subject, so I'm more than happy to do it now. Over the moon, dance in circles, laugh out loud happy.

Actually, that is the way movies portray this kind of happiness. In real life- now that I have first hand evidence - it's more like lots of tuneful sighs (you know, the ones that are loud on the way out), and slouched shoulders (at last! an opportunity for muscle relaxation) and my mums hand surgically attached to my shoulder or kissing my dad more than is necessary. Ahhhhhhhhh (that is how the sighs look phonetically).

OK so I had to sacrifice a boob (or a Nit, as Claire has coined it - a non-tit, see?), and I can't have babies for the next five years, but at the moment, the next five years are a gift of epic proportions themselves, so hey ho!
On the other hand I cultivated a fine and upstanding Dream Team, which is worth a lot more than a Nit - and I must admit have all helped me be OK about that particular scenario too. They have also been loudly sighing since yesterday when I got the news that it's all out, hasn't spread and so now, (after a few more obstacles), everything is going to be OK.

Forgive the schmaltz - OKism provokes large amounts in me...

My embarrassingly large hospital entourage consisted of DadJokes, Mum, Dad and Katie. They were insistent on seeing me through the smurf-esque operation attire, woozy and emotional wake up (where I told them off for not being there sooner), and the next 24 hours which I can't remember very well but involved flowers, paracetamol and being escorted to the toilet. Also the first Nit glimpse, which I got through OK thanks to Katie being perfectly blase, and DadJokes being perfect.

My Telephone Support Sister, Amy, has proved that extreme Hypochondria is in fact a useful ailment. It is common in the Beresiners, but her case means she is Internet educated to PHD level, so can confidently tell me when I'm being stupid, and also break the not so nice stuff to me in an easy to take sisterly fashion. Plus her daughter Poppy keeps me entertained with drawings of my hair separate from my body, her brutal child honesty ('Auntie Betsey, you look like a boy') and general three year old isms.

My home-from-the-hospital visitors, Claire, Katie and Debbie made sure I didn't even have time to read my book let alone dwell on my forthcoming surgery results (I don't even like writing that word these days). They came all the way to Surrey to sit and look at my permanently PJ'd form and make it through dinners with the parents - no mean feat depending on the level of hyperactivity in my lovely Dad.

Now I'm out the other side of the results fear and operation apprehension, I overly love everyone here, and am only on paracetamol so can't even blame it on the drugs.

My mum summed it up perfectly over a girly lunch following a trip to The Royal Marsden, 'And there we were going through life thinking we were a normal family, but look how strong we all are'.

That's my Dream Team that is, and they make me dead proud... (including me! including me!)

My Everything's Going To Be OK shoes - any excuse...


  1. I've been reading for a while but don't feel like anything I could say in response would be useful so have kept quiet. But I just want to send my love today and say 'I'm here', quietly supporting your journey <3

  2. You, my love, are an inspiration.

    Big kisses and bigger congratulations xxx

  3. hahahahahahahhahha.. we fucking did it... :-) If I wasn't 6'2" i'd say I very much look up to you as an inspirational figure and that I have admiration in abundence for your strength, determination, resiliance and positivity (although much needed pepping for the last one). But I am indeed 6'2", so I won't.

    What I will say here is that I love you with all my heart my little fighter and this life-changing episode will be the making of you, just you wait and see - and you will always have your Dream Team support right there whenever you need it. Well done, seriously, well done.

    Now go and make yourself useful & me some tea or something.....x

  4. Ahhhhhh, so happy to read this post. Fab! Fab! Fab!!! Here's to getting back to normal- the new getting back to fabulous!!!! Xx

  5. This is a very happy post :) Though throughout your positivity has amazed me. I know for a fact I would never be able to have done the same!
    Congratulations - and I think you are more than allowed to treat yourself to those gorgeous shoes!

  6. Sending you hugs and love to you and your family. Going through this is a very personal experience, let alone sharing it with the internet! But what you have done is amazing, I am SO happy for you. What an inspiration you are <3 Lovin' your shoes btw. Quite FABULOUS! Take care xxx

  7. What a gloriously happy post. It made me cry those nice gentle tears and I don't even know you! It seems strange to say CONGRATULATIONS but how else can you express 'absolute well done-ness' and 'SO pleased that everything has worked out well'? No word is big enough :-)

    Your Dream Team are simply marvellous. I love the fact that you have a team for life. I also admire your strength and honesty and the brave step you took when you started this blog. I have a very ill friend (a different story to yours) and your blog is an incredibly valuable insight into the reality of acute illness. You give hope and inspiration, useful information and excellent style advice. What more could a reader ask for??

    Enjoy you fabulous shoes and your ever so precious life.

    Hurrah for you!



  8. This is such happy happy news, I let out a little whoop when I read this last post (the dogs thought I was mad). Congratulations Soph on such a momentous and wondrous day.
    Love love love Georgia xx

  9. Oh Sophie what a huge relief. So happy for you all. x

  10. Crazily wonderful, brilliant news! Well done Sophie and Co for getting through the big dips of this rollercoaster with such aplomb, so so pleased.

    Your celebratory tweets had me convinced that dad_jokes had proposed...

    I xx

  11. Fabulous news!! I am so, so pleased for you Sophie! DadJokes comment made me cry (damn hormone treatments!!) but of course he's right, you're a fighter & you have fought this battle with much dignity & grace, bless ya babes, lotsa luv, Chez. xx (Btw, not the 'steady on love' comment! The other one!! xx

  12. That is great news, Sophie! :) I'm supa-dupa happy that you make it through! You're so brave and inspiring :) Lots of love, M.

  13. Those are some fine shoes Soph! Glad everything is looking brighter for you xx

  14. yahooo... congrats.... now book that trip to melbourne, bring your spunky b.friend and i'll take you to our holiday house at lorne! hurray! ps. i just got your thank u card..loved it..cant believe mags took so long-our summer essentials prob caught up to yours! was going to buy you a beautiful "something else" aussie made top at lorne- chickened out- went back and shop was shut! soz.. see you soon? xxx
    amanda, snake charmer michael and baby winter jean xxx

  15. Such great news Sophie. dadjokes told me about it all today. Hope to see you in person soon.

    Love Daren, Tara, Azalea and Reuben xx