Sunday, 15 May 2011

Trend On Trial

You can blame for my having to post this post twice. They had some issues last week and deleted a lot of content, including this bit, which I luckily had on email since I subscribe to myself. (A bit like Mariah Carey listening to her own songs in the birthing room, I know, but it was to test my subscribe button, I promise!) So, don't get too excited with this in your inbox - you've heard it all before...

Moschino S/S 2011

So They're saying headscarves are big this season. I'm not entirely sure 'they' had my look in mind, mind. More beachy blonde ends hanging gloriously around the shoulders. Or an is-it a-scarf, is-it-a-turban hybrid, worn 1940's rich-ish housewife style, accessorising the hair, rather than hiding a lack of it. If I worked for a weekly fashion magazine I might coin a suitable hybrid name for this new season trend. A 'scurban' or a 'turbarf'. Oh, wait...

Although I politely lied to my oncologist, and assured her that I would indeed be a glamorous headscarf kind of a patient, I managed to hold out until April before I actually resorted to one. The problem is the weather. Like a heavily pregnant lady who didn't factor in extreme seasonal discomfort when planning her baby, I have ended up catching some summer in my hair-free period. This is not ideal.

The woolly bobble hats are not only sweltering at this time of year, they're also decidedly odd when paired with a vest and shorts to answer the door or pop to the corner shop. This leaves me with wig or nothing. The first option is preferable, but basically as hot as a woolly hat. Plus, I'm reluctant to wear them unless the occasion really requires it. Mostly because I don't want to wash and re-style. You get used to every day being a Good Hair Day with a wig, so the thought of a bad one, as a result of my bad blow-dry job (careful), is enough to send me to M&S in a headscarf.

I thought my parents local Weybridge branch could handle seeing me as my be-scarved alter ego, and with my mum as buffer, I felt ok (ish) about wandering the aisles in one of her floral numbers. Up until I opened the front door and grabbed my dads Fedora because I wasn't feeling quite as confident as I'd hoped. Yes I know, mum's scarf, dad's hat, maybe not the ideal attire for my first wigless venture, but circumstance meant I had no choice but to sport this unusual combo which, I'll be honest, made me look like a very gentle alternative gansta.

Still, the prospect of actual, tangible clothes shopping - rather than the digital variety - rendered me oblivious to any kind of public reaction, so I happily trotted round the shop, putting various things I would never normally look at into my basket. It wasn't until we got back to the car that my 'well that went well I thought!' was answered with 'people were looking at you funny' by my mum.

I'm thinking it's hard to gauge if this was a reaction to me being a young woman who obviously has no hair, (this is exactly my sticking point with headscarves) or to the ridiculous 50 Cent style hat and scarf. Or 'Haarf'.

Either way, the outing proved my initial hypothesis was correct. I don't like the headscarf look. It's like a neon sign with arrows pointing to my crown saying: '!!!this person has cancer!!!' with all those exclamation marks for emphasis.

I know this isn't the case for everyone, I appreciate they're easier, cheaper and more comfortable than a wig, but I think I'll take a slightly sweaty head over another appearance as Reggie Kray's not so wayward distant cousin. Granted on this occasion I went a 
bit wayward, sartorially speaking, but I'm still hoping I'll have enough of my own hair by the time real summer kicks in to be able to cast aside my hot-hair-hats (that's wigs btw), and not have to resort to scarfing it again. At least till I have bits sticking out the bottom that is.

But this being a practical blog, and having been asked for tips several times by some of you, here are my objective, unbiased ones:

Jokes aside this is a big trend this season, and searching for catwalk shots to illustrate the Scurban, I found tons of shows who did do the whole hog cancer patient, hair hidden look. Hermes, Issa, Jason Wu, and Loewe to name just a few, (Lacoste even did a Fedora - my Dad is so on trend right now). Some with a  little more frivolity than others: 
Moncler Gamme Rouge S/S 2011

Get a rectangle shape, rather than a square, which you'll be tempted to fold in half diagonally and wear granny style with a little knot at the back. A rectangle however can be wrapped around the back and tied at the front, so you get a bit of interest there instead. It looks younger, distracts from the extreme spam effect and bows are my favourite thing and trademark in my work as a stylist, so one at the front is always going to win over for me.

Steer away from plain designs, a pattern will break up the landscape as it were, and give the illusion of a bit less head on show. You will see what I mean when you compare both. Also, it will liven up your day, and that's never a bad thing.                                                         

Finally, stick to natural fabrics like cotton and linen so your head can breathe, no polyester, ever. Otherwise you may as well take my grumpy stance and sweat it out in a hair hat.

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  1. headscarf looks really nice on you :)x

  2. I think you really suit that - and I'll agree that a headscarf is a pretty tricky look to pull off!

    Can't see the term "turbarf" quite catching on though...

  3. Sophie, you looks absolutely beautiful in both the images of you in this post. You ROCK a headscarf. I adore them, I like to call them Foulards, when I want them to sound fancy! I too love bows. Your posts are so lovely to read. Much love to you.

    Merle x

  4. Oops. I meant 'look' not 'looks'. hehe.